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Launch or Transfer

We seemlessly launch and transfer sites.

Single sites, $140, learn more.


Website maintenance, updates, or editing.

Billed at $40 per/hour, contact us for maintenance.


We back-up your site, then update the plugins and version.

Most site take between 1-2 hours to update, $40-$80, contact us for updates.


Do you need a site built?

WordPress sites start at $750, HTML sites start at $650 learn more.

We accept the following forms of payment.

Web Services

Web Design Trends

Web Development Services

Do you need a site built?    Don't hesitate

Use the contact form below to inquire about web development. Pricing and more information about building a WordPress site can be found here.

Free Bootstrap Seminar

Website Maintenance & Updates

Back-up, Updates, and Maintenance    Services are billed at $40 per hour

Updating plugins and WordPress versions can be scary if you don't know what you are doing. We back-up the site then update it for you!

The Launch or Transfer Process

Get Started

Click on the "Launch Me" link

Fill out all required information on the form. We need this information to launch your site. Be sure to add your email address for launch and transfer updates about your site. This website is SSL Certified, which means the information passed through the site is encrypted for your protection.

Make Payment

Fill out payment information

We charge $140 per site launch/transfer. If you are launching a multi-site network, the cost will be $160 per site as they are more complex and therefore will also take longer to launch.

Launch Timeline

Schedule my launch date

Websites can be launched Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Be sure to let us know when you would like to launch or transfer your site on the launch/transfer form.

Weekend Launch Timeline

Do you need a weekend launch?

No problem, just add weekend launch at check-out (there will be an additional fee). Then let us know when you would like to launch or transfer your site.

Multi-site Launch/Transfer

Multi-site network launch/transfer.

Since a multi-site is a network of websites, we charge per $160 site (you must count each site within the network as one). These launches or transfers take longer than a traditional single site launch. Please check the multi-site network box and fill out the required form information. Fill out your "requested launch date" if further infomation and instructions are needed. We can split apart multi-site networks into single sites as well.

After Launch

We reset & check your links and site

We will then notify you by email that you site has been launched and is ready to view.